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About This Report

This report allows users to compare 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rates among all high schools in the state. Graduation rates are reported annually and focus on a single “cohort“ or group of students who entered 9th grade at the same time (Click here to see the timeline for each cohort). Since not every student graduates in four years, graduation rates* are reported at 4, 5, and 6 years after a cohort enters high school. The starting line chart shows trends in the 4-year graduation rates since the 2007-08 school year. Use the selector tool above the line chart to see different groups of schools or to see how an individual school compares to the statewide average.

The sortable data table allows users to view data for the schools in the selected subset and helps to give a cumulative understanding of the graduation rates. For example the 6-year graduation rates shows the percent of students who graduated in their 6th year of high school while the 6-year cumulative graduation rate shows the total percent of students who graduated anytime within the 6 years. The bar chart shows the graduation rates for all schools in a given year. Only the schools in the selected subset are shaded on the bar chart. The bar chart only displays information for one year and one indicator at a time. To change the indicator displayed in the bar chart, click on an indicator name in the list to the right of the bar chart.

All data are calculated by RIDE.

** All rates are adjusted for students who transfer in and out of the cohort.

**"-1" indicates a value that is not reported to protect individual confidentiality.

Data Sources

Rhode Island Department of Education

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