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About This Report

The SurveyWorks! survey was given to students in RI Schools annually from 2009-10 through 2013-14. On the survey, students reported on the scope and variety of their after-school and weekend activities.

In this report you can compare the percentage of students in each elementary school who reported that they participated in various types of activities (educational, sports & recreational, paid, volunteer) outside of the school day. There are also indicators related to the time students reported spending watching tv and playing video games, and time spent doing homework. To change the indicator displayed, use the attribute drop-down menu.

Each bar on this chart represents a school with elementary grades. The default height of each bar is based on the % of students who reported being home alone 3 or more days per week. Use the time slider to view changes over time.

Please note that not all questions were asked every year; some indicators show missing data in certain years to reflect this.

Data Sources

Rhode Island Department of Education

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