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About This Report

The SurveyWorks! survey was given to students in RI Schools annually from 2009-10 through 2013-14. SurveyWorks surveys ask questions to collect ‘perceptual’ opinion data related to five key topic areas: Student Achievement, Teaching, Families and Communities, Safe and Supportive Schools, and Funding and Resources.

In this report you can compare student reports on a variety of topics related to school safety and violence, such as whether they ever got into a fight at school.

Each bar on this chart represents a high school. The default height of each bar is based on the percentage of students who have gotten into a fight at school. To change the indicator displayed, use the attribute drop-down menu. Use the time slider to view changes over time.

Please note that not all questions were asked every year; some indicators show missing data in certain years to reflect this.

Data Sources

Rhode Island Department of Education

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