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% Chat Online 2+ Hours/Day (H)

Short Definition: % of students who IM, email, or visit chat rooms 2+ hours per day

Long Definition:

The percent of students within a given school who said they IM, email, or visit chat rooms for 2 or more hours per day.

Agency Source: RIDE

Time Period(s):
School Year 2009-10,  2010-11,  2011-12

Geographies: School

Data Type: Numeric


As afterschool hours are the peak time for involvement in risky behaviors, this indicator allows for comparison of adolescents' afterschool involvement with their involvement in risky behaviors.


This question was only asked of high school students in 2009-10 through 2011-12. This information is self reported.

Universe: All students enrolled in grades 9-12 in a RI public school who participated in the SurveyWorks survey.

Tags: Out-Of-School-Time, SurveyWorks!, Extracurricular activities, After School

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