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% Sports & Recreation after School

Short Definition: % students who participate in a sports or rec after school activity

Long Definition:

Percent of students who reported on the SALT survey that they "belonged but didn't attend regularly" or "belonged and attended regularly" or "belonged/participated" in an after school/weekend intramural or interscholastic sports through school; youth sports or recreation programs in their community (e.g. Little League, soccer, etc.); or other youth programs in their community (e.g. YMCA/YWCA, 4-H, Scouting, etc.).

Agency Source: RIDE

Time Period(s):
School Year 2003-04,  2004-05,  2005-06,  2006-07,  2007-08,  2009-10,  2010-11,  2011-12,  2012-13,  2013-14

Geographies: School

Data Type: Numeric


As afterschool hours are the peak time for involvement in risky behaviors, this indicator allows for comparison of adolescents' afterschool involvement with their involvement in risky behaviors.


Last SALT survey was administered in 2007-08. The new SurveyWorks! survey is replacing SALT. High Schools were not administered the SALT survey in 2003-04.

Universe: Rhode Island public elementary, middle, high school students in participating schools and grades

Tags: Sports, Out-Of-School-Time, Extracurricular activities, Exercise

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