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Cohort 4-Year Total # of Students – K12 Graduation Indicators

Short Definition: # of students enrolled in 9th grade for the first time included in the four-year graduation cohort indicators

Long Definition:

Number of students who were enrolled in 9th grade for the first time. Comprises the baseline cohort of students used for calculating graduation rates. To calculate the 4-year graduation rate, RIDE tracks a cohort of students from 9th grade through high school and then divides the number of students who graduate within four years by the total number in the cohort.

Agency Source: RIDE

Time Period(s):
School Year 2007-08,  2008-09,  2009-10,  2010-11,  2011-12,  2012-13,  2013-14,  2014-15

Geographies: School, District

Data Type: Numeric


High school graduation is the minimum requisite for college and most employment.


The cohort formula required by the federal NCLB and by a National Governors Association compact that Rhode Island has signed focuses on a single “cohort” of students – the group of students who enrolled in 9th grade at the same time. The four-year cohort formula does not fully capture the graduation picture or reflect school and student successes in graduating in five or six years. However, RIDE does calculate five and six year cohorts and these are also available in the DataHUB. See RIDE website for more information.

Universe: Students entering 9th grade four years prior to graduation year who did not transfer out of the RI public system

Tags: GED, Dropout, Graduation, Attainment

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