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% Residents Living Near a Farmers Market

Short Definition: % residents within 1 mile (urban) or 5 miles (non-urban) of a farmers’ market

Long Definition:

The percentage within 1 mile (urban) or 5 miles (non-urban) of a farmers’ market.

Data are from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management / Division of Agriculture.

Agency Source: Health RIDEM

Time Period(s):
Calendar Year 2013

Geographies: RI Municipalities

Data Type: Numeric


This indicator allows us to assess the percentage of residents who have access to local, farm fresh foods as part of the Rhode Island Healthy Communities Plan Performance Measures.


Farmers markets are used as a proxy for access to local farm fresh foods. This measure does not include roadside stands.

Universe: All Rhode Island residents based on 2010 Census

Tags: Healthy Communities, Health

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