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% Residents Living in Dense Areas of Fast Food and Convenience Stores

Short Definition: % residents living in high density census tracts for fast food, take-out, bar restaurants, and convenience stores

Long Definition:

Percent of residents within a city or town living withing a census tract that is identified as high density for fast food service, convenience stores, take-out only, bar, lounge, or tavern. High density tracts are defined as tracts with a fast food and convenience store density per square mile greater than the 75th percentile of the distribution of such food establishments per square mile (15.64).

Data are from the Rhode Island food licensing data.

Agency Source: Health U.S. Census

Time Period(s):
Calendar Year 2013

Geographies: RI Municipalities

Data Type: Numeric


This indicator helps us to track the likelihood that a city or town contains a "food swamp" as part of the Rhode Island Healthy Communities Plan Performance Measures.


Geocoding food establishments yielded a 94% match rate. Some food establishments could not be geocoded due to incomplete address information. This will result in a suppression of fast food and convenience store densities in some places.

Universe: All Rhode Island residents based on 2010 Census

Tags: Healthy Communities, Health

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