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% Residents Living Near an Outdoor Public Recreation Facility

Short Definition: % residents within .25 miles (urban) or 5 miles (non-urban) of an outdoor public recreation facility

Long Definition:

Percent of residents who live within a specified distance (.25 miles (urban) or 5 miles (non-urban)) of at least one outdoor public recreation facility. Outdoor public recreation facilities include local and state conservation lands with year-round public access, lands with limited public access (largely due to seasonal factors), and parks and playgrounds.

Agency Source: Health U.S. Census RIGIS

Time Period(s):
Calendar Year 2011

Geographies: RI Municipalities

Data Type: Numeric


This indicator allows us to assess how many residents live near an public outdoor recreational facility as part of the Rhode Island Healthy Communities Plan Performance Measures.


Universe: All Rhode Island residents based on 2010 Census

Tags: Healthy Communities, Health

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