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% Rode with Drinking Driver in Past Month

Short Definition: % rode with drinking driver in past month

Long Definition:

Percent of high school students reporting they had ridden with a driver who had been drinking alcohol in a car or other vehicle 1 or more times during the 30 days before the survey.

Agency Source: CDC

Time Period(s):
Calendar Year 2003,  2005,  2007,  2009,  2011,  2013

Geographies: U.S. States

Data Type: Numeric


This indicator displays the willingness of adolescents to take risks in their personal behavior and personal health, that can have implications for their willingness to take risks in other aspects of their lives.


These data represent results from a survey. Be wary of interpreting data when there are large confidence intervals around the estimates. States with weighted data achieved at least a 60% overall response rate. With weighted data, it is possible to say, for example, “X% of high school students in the state rode with drinking driver in past month.” Refer to the “Quality” indicator to determine which states’ data are weighted.


Tags: Substance Use

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