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Who do I contact if I think I’ve found a bug in the software?

Please contact questions@ridatahub.org if you think that the software is not performing as it should.

Where can I find a detailed definition for an indicator?

To find detailed information on an indicator, click on the indicator name in the Data Catalog.

How can I tell what the geographic levels are for indicators?

To find the geographic level(s) of an indicator, click on the indicator name within the Data Catalog.

What should I do if I don't receive an account activation email?

Most likely the email is caught up in a spam filter. If you don't see it there, email questions@ridatahub.org and we'll send you an activation link.

Are any data available at the individual level?

To protect privacy and comply with data sharing agreements, no individual level data are ever accessible to the public on the RI DataHUB. While much of the data used within the RI DataHUB is aggregated from the individual level, these data are stored securely in a separate database. Only aggregate level data is accessible to the public.

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